Definitions of Sobriety

Some think of Celebrate Recovery as solution only for drug and alcohol addictions. Although Celebrate Recovery is helpful for overcoming these addictions, there are many other physical and emotional issues addressed by Celebrate Recovery.

Here are some definitions of “sobriety” for other issues:

Abuse Victim: I have not harbored anger, resentment, bitterness or unforgiveness for my abusers, nor have I used the actions of others as a justification for my inappropriate actions or attitudes or isolating myself from God or others.

Abuser: I have not verbally, physically, sexually or emotionally abused others or myself.

Anger: I have not lashed out at others or harbored ill will towards others but have taken appropriate steps to forgive others and resolve conflicts.

Chemical Addiction: I have not consumed alcohol or drugs, except for appropriate use of legal medications.

Codependency: I have not actively sought to control or manipulate others, given unsolicited advice, or based my self-concept on the well-being or approval of others.

Depression: I have not given in to feelings of hopelessness, despondence or passivity in response to difficult or negative situations.

Financial: I am clear about our financial situation. I know current account balances, monthly expenses, loan interest rates, fees, fines, or contractual obligations. I have not shopped compulsively or purchased anything I didn’t need. I am meeting my basic living expenses and fulfilling my financial obligations.

Grief: I have not stopped working through the grief process of denial, anger, bargaining, and acceptance. I ask for help when needed.

Guilt: I have not continued to feel guilt over past sins that I have already confessed and have made or am making amends.

Overeating: I have separated my eating from all other issues in my life. I haven’t used food to deal with my emotions, and I have not used problems or stress as an excuse for overeating.

Sexual Addiction: I have not actively sought out sexually explicit material in any form, nor have I acted to intentionally place myself in a position of temptation, but when confronted with temptation I did not yield but surrendered the incident to the Lord by praying for His power to resist or flee.